Buffalo Creek Middle School

Interactive Photoshop Tool Guide

This is an online version of a comprehensive Adobe Photoshop Toolbox reference.

Click on a tool's icon to view animated usage instruction.

Icon Tool
Key Purpose   Icon Tool
Key Purpose
Elliptical Marquee M selecting Single Row Marquee - selecting
Rectangular Marquee M selecting Single Column Marquee selecting
Lasso L selecting Move V transforming
Polygonal Lasso L selecting Magic Wand W selecting
Magnetic Lasso L selecting Crop C transforming
Slice K web design Slice Select K web design
Healing Brush
J retouching Patch
J retouching


B painting Pencil B painting
Clone Stamp S painting Pattern Stamp S painting
History Brush Y restores to selected history state Art History Brush Y painting
Airbrush J painting Eraser E erasing
Background Eraser E erasing Magic Eraser E erasing
Paint Bucket G painting Gradient G painting
Blur R unfocusing Sharpen R focusing
Smudge R painting Sponge O color adjustment
Dodge O tonal adjustment Burn O tonal adjustment
Horizontal Type T typing Vertical Type T typing
Horizontal Type Mask T typing Vertical Type Mask T typing
Direct Selection A drawing Path (Component) Selection A drawing
Pen P drawing Freeform Pen P drawing
Add Anchor Point - drawing Delete Anchor Point - drawing
Convert Point - drawing Rectangle U drawing
Rounded Rectangle U drawing Ellipse U drawing
Polygon U drawing LIne U
Custom Shape U drawing Eyedropper I choosing color
Color Sampler I color information Measure I geometrical measurements
Notes N non-printable data Audio Annotation N non-printable data
Hand H navigating Zoom Z image viewing
Color Selecting box - displays current color Color Replacement J retouching
Mode Selector Q selecting Jump to Image Ready Shift+
web design