Buffalo Creek Middle School

Advanced Project Requirements


  1. Projects must be complex enough to take 2-3 weeks

  2. Student must learn a new skill through:
    • Internet sites or tutorials
    • Book or other publication
    • Cooperative study with another student

  3. Student must complete the project rubric including:
    • What new skill or technique was learned
    • Where the student obtained the information (source)
    • Where any photos, graphics or other media was obtained for the project
      original work should be described as such, for example:
      • I made all the sprites on Photoshop
      • I took the picture of my dog with my cell phone, etc.

  4. Creek Creations Projects may be used in place of an independent choice
    • No rubric is required
    • Student will recieve a grade of 90% if it is not chosen to be used
    • Student will recieve a grade of 100% if their project is used

  5. Projects should be turned into teacher's OneDrive account under Advanced Projects or Creek Creations